Craig Bauman “Craiger B”

Craig Bauman “Craiger B” – Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar Sunset Junkies

Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Craiger B is the frontman of the band and the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Sunset Junkies. He has helped compose, write, and produce many of the Sunset Junkies’ songs. He likes to record, perform, and work with the band to create new music. Faith, family, and music all play a vital role in his life.

On stage, Craiger B plays an Epiphone Les Paul with Humbucker pickups, Fender Stratocaster with Fat 50 pickups, and Martin Ellipse acoustic, with amplification through a Marshall DSL 100h half stack. His previous band experience includes Odd Man Out and Stone Halo.

“My passion has always been music, it has been a dream come true for me to perform for over 10 years with Sunset Junkies,” he said.

Craiger B also performs as a singer-songwriter and performs additional original material. He has composed more than one hundred songs in his time as a writer.

Five things to know about me

My dream instrument:

I might want a Gibson Les Paul one day, but I would not trade my Marshall DSL 100h tube head for anything else!

Song that has influenced me the most:

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” Guns and Roses. The minute I heard Slash’s guitar riff on the song I was hooked!

My dream venue to play at:

Madison Square Garden, go big or go home!

The rock and roll artist I’d love to meet the most:

Jimi Hendrix, his career was cut short and left so many questions. He was totally moving as a performer and changed the standards of rock and took part in Woodstock.

First song you learned to play:

“Into the Great Wide Open” by Tom Petty.