More than music…it’s a way of life

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Sunset Junkies

An original band located in Lima Ohio

We’re Sunset Junkies. We’re not a cover band. Instead, we write, record, and produce our own music. Rock and roll is our passion. Drawing from alternative and indie style music, our music is geared to let you sing and groove along.

We love rock and roll. We love to listen to it, we love to perform it, and we love to write it. Our goal is to make you move around and bounce up and down, forget the work week, and get you into a rock and roll state of mind. Join us at our upcoming shows, download our music, or book us for your next venue.

Booking Contact • Craig Bauman 419-303-3478


Happy New Year Everyone!

2017 has been a great year yet here we are ready to kiss it goodbye! We celebrated our 11th anniversary…

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