Sunset Junkies

Rock and Roll Explosion!

March 21, 2016

Joe had billed this show as a rock and roll explosion and that’s exactly what happened at Mulligan’s this Saturday. Monocle Who’s lead singer Justin has been a friend of the band 4 years kicked it off with an awesome set of rock and roll. Next we had invited hobo stew from the Bowling Green Ohio area and they are a performance that you don’t want to miss with a keyboard and a trumpet and many other exciting aspects to their music.  We definitely recommend that you would check them out soon if you’re not familiar with who they are. We had a great crowd there all night with a lot of our friends and family as well as the familiar faces that we’ve grown to love Mulligan’s.  The whole night was a lot of fun for everybody. The show ended just the way that we wanted it to with a great set of rock and roll giving us the momentum to our next show in Toledo for the Toledo on tap beer festival April 9th see our site for more details if you need tickets.



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